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Ausbildung zum AERIAL YOGA Teacher by YogaWings:

Ausbildung in Deutschland
Du liebst Aerial Yoga und möchtest diese Freude gerne weiter geben? Aerial Yoga Teacher TrainingAerial Yoga Teacher Training

  • Variante I = Ausbildung an 4 Wochenenden:
    Termin A    26.-28.01, 23.-25.02, 23.-25.03., 27.-29.04.
    Termin B    25.05.-27.05., 16.-18.06., 13.-15.07, 10.-12.08.
    Termin C    21.-23.09., 26.-28.10.,16.-18.10,14.-16.12.
  • Variante II = Block-Ausbildung über 9 Tage
    Termin 1     08.01.2018 - 16.01.2018
    Termin 2     
    05.05.2018 - 13.05.2018
    Termin 3     01.09.2018 -09.09.2018


Kosten: 1.200 € inkl. Handbuch, Teacher-Shirt und Zertifikat

Erhalte bei verbindlicher Anmeldung inkl. Anzahlung
bis 4 Wochen vor Ausbildungsstart 200 € Rabatt!!


 Die Ausbildung wird durch Katharina Rinn geleitet, der Gründerin von YogaWings! 


Inhalt der Ausbildung: 

Technik / Materialkunde / Aufhängung Grundlagen / Geschichte 

Anleitung / Hilfestellungen 

Risiken / Vorteile 

Sequenzieren eigener Stunden

Schriftliche und praktische Prüfung



Sprich uns gerne an!


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Teacher Training International

International (teaching language english)

Become an Aerial Yoga Teacher!

You love Aerial Yoga? Want to have it every day?
You feel the benefit and the transformation it brings to your life? You love to connect with people and to share your passion with them?

Get ready to do the next step….

In this training, you will learn :

  • Aerial Yoga Asanas from basic to acrobatic, from relaxing Asanas to flowing forms
  • Profund teaching techniques, like alingment and safety in guiding your students
  • Sequenzing Aerial Yoga lessons
  • Spotting and assistance for your stundents
  • Techniques, riggings, materials
  • Health benefits of Aerial Yoga
  • Risks and possible complications
  • Structure of an Aerial Yoga class / workshop
  • The art of teaching Aerial Yoga
  • Deep/Flows/Acrobatics/PartnerAerial


Aerial Yoga is one of the fastest growing Yoga form… become part of this amazing journey
In our 8 days of teaching and practice you will get deep into the world of Aerial Yoga and will be able to teach your own classes after!

Aerial Yoga Coach Katharina
Will teach and support you with all that she knows. She loves to bring out the best in you, because it is her aim to train the best Aerial Yoga Teachers in the world! Katharina has many years of Aerial Yoga experience and a lifetime Yogapractice. She runs classes and teacher trainings in german and english.

She is the founder of  Aerial Yoga by YogaWings. She offers international trainings & retreats.

Aerial Yoga TrainingAerial Yoga Training


  • Certificated Yoga Teacher or
  • Physiotherapist or
  • Dancing / Acrobatic Teacher or
  • Fitness Trainer or equivalent
  • A long time personal Yoga practise might cover the  prerequisites, indivudual appliance required
  • Physical abbility to do inversions
  • Some core strength is helpful too ;-)
  • The training will be bilingual in english & german


During the Aerial Yoga Teacher Training by YogaWings you will be challanged to expand your limits, to play with your inner child and to feel the comfort of being carried and supported.

Dates & Prices: the teacher trainings listed will be held bilingual in german and english!


  • Var I = during 4 weekends
    Dates A    26.-28.01, 23.-25.02, 23.-25.03., 27.-29.04.
    Dates B     25.05.-27.05., 16.-18.06., 13.-15.07, 10.-12.08.

  • Var II = during 9 days
    Termin 1     08.01.2018 - 16.01.2018
    Termin 2     
    05.05.2018 - 13.05.2018
    Termin 3     01.09.2018 -09.09.2018


1.200 € incl. Handbook, training, Teacher shirt and certificate.

Early bird price for sign-ups 4 weeks before the training : pay 200 € less!!

 International teacher trainings on request. They can be hosted by your studio as well! With great conditions for the hosting studio.

Contact Katharina for details: info@yogawings.de